Welcome to Craig's Creations!

This is my piece of real estate on the web were I can publish my projects and information about myself. Professionally I am a software engineer that historically has had the fortune and pleasure to be working on cutting edge products during my professional time. I started programming because I enjoy it and I tend to develop in my off time. When I am not programming you will probably find me dragging my family on some outdoor excursion up a mountain somewhere;)

Professional Information

I have been a software engineer for most of my life. Started programming when I was 13 and still get excited when developing. Most of my professional career has been focused on the server, mobile, or embedded space using whatever tools or programming languages were required to get the job done.

Programming Projects for Fun

This section contains a few of my off time projects. Right now the projects here are rather dated due to a recent span of working for companies with restrictive employee contracts. I do have a few projects in the works that I am hoping to add to my list here soon.

Craig's Actual Creations!

BSA Troop 27 Fundraiser Web App

When Troop 27 needed to replace their existing mulch order system due to the software becoming unsupported, I suggested an AWS serverless architecture would provide a very cost effective and low failure solution. This project is made up of a combination of different AWS Lambda(Python) repos, DynamoDB for data storage, Cognito for authorization, and an Amplify hosted static progressive web app for the UI. The web application is based on Gatsby/React, and Bootstrap. The responsive framework of Bootstrap allows the scouts the ability to actually take orders from their mobile devices in the field as opposed to their previous system which required taking orders on paper and filling out the order online after they got home. This app is also being designed to not be specific to any one type of fundraiser.

This is an active project and as such new features are actively beeing added all the time.

Fundraiser Web App Project Home

C# X-10 Libray

No longer an active project

This is a C# .NET library for the X-10 Active Home Automation system.

The library has limited functionality and supports Lamp and Application modules as well as some of the global functionality of the CM11a. If I ever stop working with the X-10 components I would like to add support for macros and groups. At the moment this library depends on the Microsoft Serial port .NET library for Serial Port IO Access. The serially library will need to be downloaded seperately from Microsoft although last I checked the URL was no longer valid. So at this point this could be used more for a reference for someone wanting to do more interesting things.

C# X-10 project Home

Moon Phase Today for PocketPC

No longer an active project

Version 0.2

This today item depicts the phases of the moon and provides information on the current status of the Moon Cycle. Clicking on the items brings up more information about the location of the moon in reference to the earth/sun etc.
Written in C++ with the Microsoft devlopment tools

iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray

No longer an active project

To save battery time I wanted an easy way of turning on/off WLAN and HP provided a program for doing that but I found it inconvient. Thus the iPAQ 5400 WLAN Systray app. Running the executable puts a Systray icon that by clicking on it will turn the built-in WLAN Adapter on/off. There is no way as of yet to close down the systray applet without performing a software reset. Icon Colour indicates status of WLAN.